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Welcome to the Bridgeton Public Schools Athletics Home Page. Participation in school sports provides a sense of belonging and being part of a team or group. Students interact with their peers in a friendly and competitive manner. They learn to consider the interests of their teammates and to practice mutual respect and cooperation with their coaches. They work together, share time and other resources and learn to cope with success and failure as a team. These interactions facilitate bonding and lasting friendships within their teams, which can help make all children more sociable and outgoing as they grow. Bridgeton High School is a member of the Cape Atlantic League of South Jersey and continues to try and make an impact as a Group 4 program housing roughly 1400 students at Bridgeton High School. The Athletic Department is dedicated to providing excellent leadership from our experienced coaching staff and additionally providing guidance for students who wish to participate in athletics while pursuing their secondary educational experience. We continuously provide academic support offering personalized tutoring programs. We provide character building experiences where all of the students take part in our Volunteer program offering assistance to local businesses and organizations throughout the community. It is our primary goal to provide a well-rounded leadership program for our student athletes that will help them to build a foundation for continued success throughout their educational and professional careers. Remember, to whom much is given, much is required.

"Winning means you are willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else! -- Vince Lombardi

Tennis: March 26th
Pitchers and Catchers: March 26th
Softball, Baseball, B/G Spring Track: April 1st

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